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제목 제15회 AHCC 연구회 국제회의
작성일자 2019-04-09

제15회 AHCC 연구회 국제회의 개최
장소 : 삿포로시(로이튼 삿포로)
주최 : AHCC연구회
후원 : 경제 산업성 홋카이도 경제 산업국, 주식회사 아미노업화학
제15회 AHCC 연구회 국제회의가 일본 삿포로에서 개최되었습니다.
올해도 아미노업화학의 AHCC 원료를 비롯하여 Oligonol, ETAS, GCP 등 다양한 원료의
연구, 발표가 있었습니다.
특히, 이번 제15회 AHCC 연구회 국제회의에서는 간에 관련된 연구, 발표가 많았습니다.

Keynote Lecture

“Immunoengineering Health: Role of Nutrition”
Anil D. Kulkarni (The University of Texas, USA)
General Lecture

“Inhibition of Radiation Induced Congenital Malformation and Leukemia by Active Hexose Correlated Compound, AHCC in Mice”
Taisei Nomura, et al. (Osaka University, Japan)
“Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) Increases Resistance to Infection by Promoting an Early Activation of the Immune System in a Mouse Model of Surgical Intramuscular Infection”
Gerald Sonnenfeld, et al. (Binghamton University, USA)
“Effects of Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) on the Immune Function of Food-deprived Mice”
Hernan Aviles, et al. (Binghamton University, USA)
“Natural Killer Cell Activity Is a Potential Target for AHCC in Boosting the Aged Immune Response to Influenza Infection”
Barry W. Ritz, et al. (Drexel University, USA)
“Preventive Effect of AHCC for Avian Influenza Virus”
Hiroshi Nishioka, et al. (Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan)
“Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) Enhances Host Resistance to West Nile Encephalitis”
Tian Wang, et al. (Colorado State University, USA)
“Active Hexose Correlated Compound Acts as a Prebiotic and as Anti-inflammatory in Rats with Hapten-induced Colitis”
Olga Martinez-Augustin, et al. (University of Granada, Spain)
“Regulation Mechanism of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase (iNOS) Gene through Natural Antisense Transcript in Hepatocytes”
Mikio Nishizawa, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“Regulation of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase by AHCC in Hepatocytes -an Inhibitory Effect via the Reduction of iNOS Antisense-transcript-“
Kosuke Matsui, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“Randomized, Double-blind, Controlled Trial of Genistein Concentrated Polysaccaride (GCP) for the Patients with Gastro-intestinal or Hepato-biliary-pancreatic Cancer”
Youichi Matui, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“Activity of Genistein Combined Polysaccharide (GCP) in Therapeutic Combinations for the Treatment of Lymphoma and Prostate Cancer”
Philip C. Mack, et al. (University of California, Davis, USA)
“Effects of Oligonol, in vivo and in vitro, on Oxidant Defense and Membrane Stability”
Robert M. Hackman, et al. (University of California, Davis, USA)
“The New Lychee-derived Polyphenol Oligonol Converted into a Low-molecular Form Has Antioxidative/Antiinflammatory Effects in Adipocytes”
Takuya Sakurai, et al. (Kyorin University, Japan)
“Suppressive Effect of Depolymerized Polyphenol Product “Oligonol” for Reactive Oxygen in Human”
Kazumasa Aoyagi, et al. (Tsukuba University of Technology, Japan)
“Effect of Oligonol on Exercise Induced Oxidative Stress in Healthy Male Volunteer – Pilot Study”
Seung Wan Kang, et al. (Seoul National University, Korea)
“Functional Evaluation of Oligonol in Clinical Trials”
Kentaro Kitadate, et al. (Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan)
“Perioperative Application of AHCC in Hepatobiliary Tumor”
Jian Du (Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China)
“The Role of AHCC on Th-1 Cytokine mRNA Expression in Patients with Advanced Liver Cancer”
Suphon Manoromana, et al. (National Cancer Institute of Thailand, Thailand)
“Phase I/II study of AHCC as Adverse Effect Reducer in Advanced Cancer Patients with Chemotherapy — Usefulness of the Levels of HHV-6 DNA in Saliva as a Surrogate Biomarker during Chemotherapy–
Toshinori Ito, et al. (Osaka University, Japan)
“Clinical Review of AHCC and GCP on Cancer Therapy: From the Long-Term Follow-Up for Cancer of the Breast, Lung and Large Intestine”
Reiki Ishizuka (Tajima Clinic, Japan)
“Evaluation of the Safety of Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) for the Treatment of Cancer”
“Evaluation of the Safety of Genistein Combined Polysaccharide (GCP) for the Treatment of Cancer”
“Evaluation of the Safety of Oliginol for Use in Patients for Prevention of Cancer”
Claire M. Mach, Judith A. Smith, et al. (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA)
Poster Session
“Effect of Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) Supplementation on Immune Function”
Mari Kogiso, et al. (The University of Texas Health Science Center and GSBS at Houston, USA)
“The Effect of AHCC to Candida albicans in Digestive Tract”
Tatsuya Hisajima, et al. (Teikyo Heisei University, Japan)
“Ameliorative Effect of AHCC for Cisplatin-induced Side Effects”
Hiroshi Nishioka, et al. (Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan)
“Radioprotection and Anti-tumor Immunity in AHCC”
Yuen-hwa Gu, et al. (Suzuka University of Medical Science, Japan)
“CASE REPORT An Advanced Rectal Cancer Patient who Is Thought to Have Been Effective to Prolong Survival and to Maintain Activity of Daily Living (ADL) by Intake of AHCC and GCP”
Hayato Yoshida, et al. (Sakamoto Hospital, Japan)
“How Can We Supply AHCC to the Patient after the Clinical Trial Ends Lawfully and Safely? - A Possibility and Problems of Pharmacies and Pharmacists as AHCC Provider in Japan-“
Kenji Hazama, et al. (Osaka University, Japan)
“Protective Effect of Oligonol against Impairment of Spatial Memory with Hippocampal Damage in Rats Subjected to Repeated Cerebral Ischemia”
Keiichi Irie, et al. (Fukuoka University, Japan)
“Analysis of Pathological Mechanisms in Mucocutaneous Infection of C.albicans and a Possible Action of Oligonol as an Antioxidant in the Pathigenesis”
Shigeru Abe, et al. (Teikyo University, Japan)
“Effect of Oligonol on Hepatic Steatosis and Gene Expression Profile in CDAA Mice”
Takumi Igura, et al. (Osaka University, Japan)
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