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제목 제11회 AHCC 연구회 국제회의
작성일자 2019-04-09


제11회 AHCC 연구회 국제회의  
개최 장소 : 삿포로시(로이튼 삿포로)   
주최 : AHCC 연구회   
후원 : 경제 산업성 홋카이도 경제 산업국, 주식회사 아미노업화학 
AHCC를 연구하고 한 해 동안의 연구, 정보, 성과를 발표하는
AHCC 연구회가 올해에도 막을 열었습니다.
이번 AHCC 연구회는 제11회 AHCC 연구회 국제학회입니다.

이번제 11차 AHCC 연구회 국제학회에서는
스트레스와 당뇨병에 관한 연구보고가 많은 의료관계자들의 눈길을 끌었습니다.
스트레스는 만병의 근원으로 현대사회에서 빼놓을 수 없는 만큼, 더욱더 많은 관계자들의 주목을 받았습니다.
Keynote Lecture

“Space Flight, the Immune System and Resistance to Infection”
Gerald Sonnenfeld (Morehouse School of Medicine, USA)
General Lecture

“The Antitumor Effect of Genistein Combined Polysaccharide (GCP) on Subcutaneous Tumor Bearing Mice”
Dong Nie, et al. (Osaka University, Japan)
“Effects of GCP and AHCC on Diabetic and Diabetic Retinopathy in Spontaneously Diabetic SDT Rat: a Pilot Study”
Gang Miao, et al. (Osaka University, Japan)
“Study on the Mechanism of GCP on Induction of Apoptosis in ISOS-1 Cells”
Koji Wakame, et al. (Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan)
“Genistein Combined Polysaccharide: A Nutritional Supplement with Potent Anti-Bladder Cancer Activity”
D.L. Bemis, et al. (Columbia University, USA)
“GCP and Prostate Cancer: A Human Clinical Trial”
Robert M. Hackman, et al. (University of California, Davis, USA)
“A Clinical Evaluation for Using AHCC and GCP in Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer Patients”
Reiki Ishizuka, et al. (Tajima Clinic, Japan)
“The Effect of GCP on Menopausal Symptoms”
Jun-Yeong Choi (Gachon Medical School, Korea)
“Effect of AHCC on Reduction of Cisplatin-Induced Toxicity to Digestive Tracts”
Satoru Yui, et al. (Teikyo University, Japan)
“Host Conditions Allowing Oral AHCC Administration to Display Its Effectiveness for Experimental Murine Tumor and Infection Models”
Shigeru Abe, et al. (Teikyo University, Japan)
“Amelioration by AHCC of endocrine disturbances induced by oxidative stress in the rat”
She-fang Ye, et al. (Dokkyo University, Japan)
“AHCC Enhances Tumor Immunosurveillance by Up-regulating the Antigen-specific CD8+ IFN-γ Production”
Zhinan Yin, et al. (Yale School of Medicine, USA)
“Resistance to Klebsiella pneunoniae Infection Is Enhanced by Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) in the Hindlimb-Unloading Rodent Model of Space Flight”
Hernan Aviles, et al. (Morehouse School of Medicine, USA)
“Effect of AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) as an Adjuvant Therapy of the Local Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma on Hepatic Reserve Function”
Chizu Koreeda, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“The significance of functional food as immunotherapy”
Yusai Kawaguchi, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“A Report on the Progressing Status of a Randomized Double Blind Clinical Trial for the Effect of GCP on Digestive Trace Cancer”
Kayoko Amemori, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“The effect of AHCC as a post-operation therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma”
Youichi Matui, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“AHCC Treatment in Postoperative Cholangioma Patients”
Naoyoshi Terakawa, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“The Change of Immune Parameters before and after AHCC Intake in Healthy Volunteers”
Hiroaki Yanagimoto, et al. (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
“Study on chemoprevention of Active Hexose Correlated Compound in high risk group for liver cancer development”
Petcharin Srivatanakul, et al. (National Cancer Institute, Thailand)
“Determination of IFN-γ and IL-12 in AHCC-Supplemented Patients with Advance Hepatic Cancer Preliminary Report”
Suphon Manoromana, et al. (National Cancer Institute, Thailand)
“New Clinical Uses for AHCC”
Fred Pescatore (The Center for Integrative and Complementary Medicine, USA)
“The Design and Evaluation of a Clinical Trial: A Proposed Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of AHCC as Adjunctive Treatment in Patients Receiving Standard Immunotherapy for Hepatitis C”
Thomas Walshe (Harvard Medical School, USA)

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